Core Differentiation

  1. Monolithic vs Modular: Incumbents like Farcaster and Lens are large and monolithic, limiting scalability and overall user experience. We take a different approach to enable creators to build however they want through unbundling the data and functionalities to enable greater flexibility and customization for builders. We can and we will iterate faster and grow faster.

  2. Social Graph as a Service: While OpenSocial acts as the execution layer for users to interact with dApps, OpenSocial accumulates value from the on-chain and interoperable social data and social graphs created. We essentially become the go-to social data layer provider for builders, providing Social Graph as a Service (including users vs communities), while unlocking the value stored in these social graphs and supporting the growth of social and consumer dApps.

  3. Level playing field for everyone to build and own: For the average creator who doesn’t have a sizable budget and technical abilities, OpenSocial gives everyone equal opportunity to start their own dApp through codeless deployment of essential social modules to set up the fundamental social features. We provide scaling solutions through plugins (think of it like upgraded Frames) to support in-App sustainable utilities, from asset issuance, DeFi, gaming to even on-chain charity. In the process enabling novel monetization avenues by facilitating and embedding asset issuance within the social experience, marking a new era of true ownership of social assets, transferable and tradable on open marketplaces.

  4. Multi-layer incentives with value accrual flowing to OpenSocial as main network: Protocol revenue generation mechanisms, e.g. Megaphone (ad revenue), OSP X marketplace (trading fee), bounty and rebates (membership and subscription) naturally generates value to the OpenSocial network and token. But we envision OpenSocial as a multi-chain SocialFi protocol - we don’t want to restrict builders from choosing which chain best suits the product needs - ultimately, any dApp that uses and transacts on the protocol will need to settle via OpenSocial ensuring value generated across chains are always accrued to the OpenSocial network. Backed by a sustainable tokenomics design with various mechanisms including staking to incentivize user engagement and referrals, rights to participate in content curation and moderation, and to encourage dApps to grow the network, e.g. earn yield based on the traffic brought to OpenSocial.

  5. Multi-chain deployment for SocialFi

    • We will deploy on EVM chains first. Our flagship dApp SoMon to deploy on Base given the existing social user base that we can attract from Farcaster/Warpcast and, while the other flagship dApp Zeek to deploy on X Layer, OKX’s ZK-powered layer 2 network.

    • We also plan to deploy on Solana given the large retail community, activity and attention that we can capture.

    • Later on, we will support other dApps to deploy on other chains that best fit their needs.

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