Gas Account

Gas Account is used to pay gas fees within the OpenSocial ecosystem. Gas fees are deducted from the Gas Account instead of the OpenSocial Account. The minimum top-up amount to the Gas Account is approximately 10 USD and will be exchanged into USD in real time and recorded in the Gas Account. Users are not allowed to withdraw from the Gas Account.

Method 1: Crypto OpenSocial supports native tokens from each of the supported EVM compatible chains and also stablecoins, USDT and USDC. For every transaction in the OpenSocial Account, gas fees will be deducted from the Gas Account by default. If there is insufficient balance, a message will pop up from the OSP Account displaying the corresponding native token of the chain that is required.

Method 2: Fiat In the future, OpenSocial will support different fiat on-ramp methods, such as credit cards for topping-up the Gas Account and OpenSocial Account.

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