OpenSocial Account

In the Web3 world, an account is usually created based on a unique wallet address. However, there are a lot of limitations in using a normal wallet. To improve user experience, OpenSocial adopts the latest blockchain technology Account Abstraction (ERC-4337), which enables wallets to function like smart contracts. AA wallets enable multi-chain transactions and are much more user-friendly in comparison because no seed phrase is required.

AA wallets act like a wallet except for the fact that it cannot sign transactions and has to be controlled by an Externally Owned Account (EOA, i.e. the normal wallet). Hence, the OpenSocial Account created is the AA wallet that will interact with all the smart contracts within the protocol. It will require an EOA to bind and control the OpenSocial Account, which is also known as the “Signer”. Once binded with an EOA, the OpenSocial account (i.e. AA wallet) will have the following functions:

  • Deposit and withdraw

  • Interact with OpenSocial smart contracts

  • Store and transact social assets (e.g. Tribe NFT, Membership NFT etc.)

  • Claim rewards within OpenSocial ecosystem

Since the EOA is required for setting up an OpenSocial Account, this may be difficult for a Web2 user. Therefore, we have provided social logins and email accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail) which will create an EOA wallet address that users can bind to their OpenSocial Account (i.e. AA wallet). OpenSocial provides a low-friction and seamless onboarding process since users can rely on existing social logins without creating a wallet before entering the OpenSocial ecosystem.

Please note the OpenSocial Account is only limited to the OpenSocial ecosystem.

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