Social Modules

Web3 dApps built on OpenSocial can customise user experience through codeless deployment of Social Modules, which are building blocks containing different functionality and features. Unlike Plugin NFTs which can be purchased, Social Modules are not available for purchase. By creating different combinations of Social Modules, developers can design different templates that can be used by different Web3 dApps. Tribe owners can also further customise their Tribes by using different Social Modules.

  1. Feed: View OpenAction, OpenReaction and/or Off-chain Activities in a Profile feed

  2. Chat Room: All OpenSocial participants can interact with each other in a chat room

  3. Announcement: Latest information and updates can be provided in an announcement section

  4. Comments and Reactions: Users can comment and reply and react to content (e.g. like, share, upvote and downvote)

  5. Mentions: Mentions other users, Tribes or Tribe owners in your content

  6. Hashtags: Hashtags enabling cross-reference content by topics, themes or trends

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