Megaphone is a global on-chain channel available to all OpenSocial users. All posts on Megaphone are on-chain and broadcasted to the blockchain through smart contracts. It functions similar to Google Adsense allowing ad publishers to target promotions to relevant Tribes.

All Tribes will have a Megaphone section in their user interface where Tribe users are able to engage to earn rewards. Ad publishers can choose tags and let Tribe users engage. All stakeholders including Tribe owners, users and OpenSocial will be rewarded fairly and play an important role in the value creation and sustainability of the OpenSocial ecosystem.


Once the ad publisher has published a Megaphone post, a Megaphone ID will be created which will be broadcasted into the Megaphone channel.

Since each Tribe has specific tags, the Sower is able to map the chosen tags by ad publisher to specific Tribes. For each Tribe mapped by the tags, a “seed” link will be generated. Then, the seed will be deployed to the OpenSocial mainnet so that the post will appear in the Megaphone section of these specific Tribes. Tribe users can then engage with the Megaphone post to earn rewards. While the Megaphone post is on-chain, engagement with the post can be either on-chain or off-chain.

In this mechanism, the ad publisher spends money/tokens for promotion purposes. Then, the spending will be distributed to all parties involved, including OpenSocial, the owner of the Tribe where the Megaphone post is displayed and Tribe users who engage with the post. The more users engage with the Megaphone post, the more earnings the Tribe owner will receive.

There will be 3 ad types at the beginning, more to come:

  1. Engagements

  2. Call to action : Follow

  3. Call to action : Join Tribe

During the testing phase, we will first refer to Web2 advertising platforms and price based on 1 CPM = $5 USD. Once the user base grows, we will gradually transition to a dynamic pricing model.

Reward Distribution Mechanics

In contrast to Web2 advertisers taking all of the advertising fees, we hope that advertising fees can be distributed more reasonably to developers, tribe owners/mods, users, and the OpenSocial Team itself. The current plan we have set before going online is as follows:

  • OpenSocial team: 20%

  • Developer (dApp team):20%

  • Tribe Owner/mods and Users: 60%

Most rewards will be distributed to the community and users, with tribe owner and mods having the discretion to determine the allocation ratio of advertising revenue.

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