Social Actions


OpenActions consist of social actions where users create content stored on-chain. The types of on-chain content include:

  • Text format: Create a text post

  • Image format: Post an image or a set of images (gallery)

  • Audio format: Post an audio clip

  • Video format: Post a video clip

  • Livestream format: Post a livestream video

  • File format: Post and share files

  • Poll and vote format: Create polls and vote in a post

  • Open Link: Refer to section on Plugins - Open Link.


OpenReactions refer to on-chain users’ reactions to OpenAction content. The types of on-chain reactions include:

  • React: Users can “React” to any OpenAction content, Comment and Reply, such as “like” or other emoji reactions.

  • Comment: Users can leave a “Comment” on any OpenAction content.

  • Reply: Users can “Reply” to any Comment on OpenAction content.

  • Share: Users can “Share” any OpenAction content with other OpenSocial users.

  • Upvote and Downvote: Users can vote on OpenAction content by giving an “Upvote” or “Downvote”.

Off-chain Activities

Off-chain Activities consist of the same types of content and reactions available in OpenActions and OpenReactions, except they are stored off-chain.

On-chain / Off-chain

OpenSocial provides Web3 dApps with the flexibility to store content created and reactions by users either on-chain (i.e. OpenActions and OpenReactions) or off-chain (Off-chain Activities). All Off-chain Activities are stored under decentralised storage system like IPFS or OrbitDB.

Web3 dApps can freely decide whether to store content on-chain or off-chain and subsequent reaction on-chain or off-chain.

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